Ardi4USB imager for Flash drive

Version 4.40



Clean Sectors for diskette and flash drive

Clean un-used sectors on diskette and USB flash drive for better compression and safety.

Version 0.10



Ardi4Usb documentation

Ardi4Usb documentation [5]

Langues / Languages

  • German
  • English
  • French


  • build diskette and USB flash drive images
  • write diskettes and USB flash drive from images
  • build ARDI self and non-self restorable images
  • convert existing images to ARDI self and non-self restorable images
  • graphical user interface version (GUI)
  • Flash drive support up to 40 Gb
  • Can restore all files created by EMT4WIN/EMT4PM
  • Can restore self-restorable ARDI files without using the included program.
  • Can restore non-self restorable ARDI files.
  • Cannot build ARDI files for DOS or OS/2.
  • Can verify image file intégrity before trying to restore them.

Licence / License

Multilingual license [5]

Auteur: Daniel F Valot


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