Henri IV's House

This house was built by Claude Paterin in the time of François I. The raised courtyard was formerly closed on all four sides, but the widening of the Montée Saint-Barthélémy and the construction of the Saint-Paul/Loyasse funicular in the second half of the 19th century led to the destruction of part of the Renaissance buildings. Even so the house remains an impressive sight with its wide-arched galleries, spiral staircase and pump well. The bust of Henri IV, which gives its name to the house, dates from the 19th century.
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This house was built by Claude Paterin during François 1 reign. Later it was called Henry IV house when He occuped this house in december of 1600.

This privately owned mansion is located a little off the beaten path away from the other Renaissance homes of Old Lyon. However, its charming characteristics ensure that the trip is worthwhile. Notice the bust of Henry in the alcove of the house. Check out the magnificent staircase and arcades. The architecture is typical of Renaissance homes in Lyon.